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In 2005 I attended a seminar in which a research study of an unusual method for deactivating trigger points was merely mentioned before the instructor moved on. A few months later when frustrated by a lack of success with a patient with chronic shoulder pain I attempted it, based on what I remembered from the seminar. The remarkable turnaround in the patient’s condition encouraged me to repeat, improvise, and perfect the method. I have gotten very good at it over the past 12 years. Much more often than not I have been able to get a patient out of pain with one or two treatments. Even chronic, intractable pain is often relieved after only a few of these treatments. Patients are not only impressed, but often astounded at how effective the treatment is, especially after they had “been everywhere” and “tried everything”.
Now, I want to show you how to use this method so that your patients can reap the benefits. Whether you are new to trigger point therapies or have been practicing your favorite methods for decades, you and your patients will benefit from this method.
For a small fee, you will have access to my video instruction as well as my direct support by phone, email, Skype, or you can come to my office for one on one instruction. If you wish access to further videos and support, you can purchase that at a very nominal cost so that I can keep this website up and running and popularize what I consider the single best way to treat trigger point pain.
For the sake of your practice and, more importantly, your patients join us now…………
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