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Going to the Chiropractor is a new experience for many of us. Maybe we've heard through a friend or have done some research online. It's possible that you are just fed up with living in pain and it's time to do something about it. In either case, your first visit to the chiropractor will really be about getting to know the chiropractor and discussing your history, current condition and goals.

As with any doctor's visit, you'll start by finishing some new patient paperwork. Upon meeting with the doctor, you'll discuss your concerns and expectations as well as have the chance to ask any questions you may have. We will perform a physical examination and most likely take a few x-rays to see what your current state is. Once this is complete, we'll take a look at the overall results of our conversation and the exams. Together, we'll come up with a plan of action which will begin when you are completely satisfied and ready to move forward.


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by Charlie Caison (Germantown) on Wissahickon Chiropractic

Dr. Galzarano is one of the kindness, caring, and considerate people that I’ve ever met. He goes beyond the call of duty to make you feel better. I met him approximately 13 years ago during one of his many, many charitable endeavors. Growing up in Georgia, I remember a lot of professionals went to Dr. Stuckey (chiropractor). I couldn't understand why they would go to him. After learning about Chiropractic care, now I understand. Thanks Dr. G. for making my life more productive over the years.

by Mrs. Ann Seredinski (Roxborough) on Wissahickon Chiropractic

For many years, I suffered from sciatica and leg pain. I did not disregard my painful condition and was treated by my [medical] doctor and by two chiropractors. Unfortunately, I felt very little relief from my pain and was not satisfied. As my desperation grew, I decided to look somewhere else for help. I turned to the local telephone book into my surprise, I discovered Dr. Anthony Galzarano. The advertisement detailed his chiropractic specialties, and I decided that he might be the doctor to help me. I began treatment with Dr. Galzarano, and I'm very satisfied! One of the reasons I'm so pleased with Dr. Galzarano is that he takes the time to listen to my problems. I am 80 years old and believe me, I now have relief from pain in many movements which is an important factor to me! Many Thanks Doc! I'm lucky to have found you.

by Kristen Guziewicz (East Falls) on Wissahickon Chiropractic

I am a success! Yes I am. Yipeee! I came to Dr. G. with severe back pain. It was getting so bad that I couldn't get out of bed. Now, some people may say staying in bed all day isn't such a bad thing. Well being 21, it was bad for me. After going to Dr. G. for a short while I was able to do more with my days. So thanks Dr. G. You rock!

by Mrs. Louise Kernahan (Roxborough) on Wissahickon Chiropractic

I came in with severe pain in the left lower quadrant of my back. Two days after the pain began was my first visit. Today it is two weeks from that day and I'm almost pain-free, certainly functioning at work and home. The treatments were extremely helpful; the environment in the office was "user-friendly", even to one previously a bit skeptical about Chiropractic medicine. Thank you!

by Mr. Stanley Kulak (Wissahickon) on Wissahickon Chiropractic

I slipped onto steps and hurt my back. Very painful back and also felt the pain into my knees. I tried to help myself but to no avail. Dr. Galzarano helped me so much in just one treatment. I appreciate his time he spent. Hopefully it will last or I'll be back again.

by Mrs. Kathy Morris (Roxborough) on Wissahickon Chiropractic

Three weeks ago, I felt like I was in a car accident. I couldn't sit, or stand and walk for long. Now I have very little or slight lower back pain. Dr. Galzarano worked a miracle.

by Mr. Terry Fabian (Havertown) on Wissahickon Chiropractic

Before coming to Dr. Galzarano, I had lower back pain that would hurt so bad I would have trouble getting out of bed, walking, running, etc. After about two to three months of visits, my lower back has improved 100%. Thank you.

by Mrs. Jean Stahl (Flourtown) on Wissahickon Chiropractic

On Christmas 2000 morning I stepped out of the shower, and no no no I could not walk without terrible pain. I made it through the day with the help of my son. Next I called Dr. Galzarano and he told me it was my sacroiliac, gave me my first adjustment. After two more treatments I could walk without terrible pain. A couple more treatments and I was ready to go out dancing! Pretty good for a 71-year-old gal!

by Mr. Joe Mudry (Wissahickon) on Wissahickon Chiropractic

I came to Dr. Galzarano about 10 years ago just as my wife did. My problem spots were my lower back, and the right side of my body. My neck is also a trouble spot. I feel that Dr. Galzarano does a great job in alleviating pain, with his expertise in manipulation.

by Mr. Hopeton Green (Radnor) on Wissahickon Chiropractic

The first-time I came to visit Dr. Galzarano I was a little bit nervous about Chiropractic. I didn't really know why, but something in my mind said it will be good for you. The first-time my back was adjusted, I felt like a new human being. I'm a professional tennis teacher and some of the time when I was on the court there was pain over my body. Now it is all gone. Chiropractic really helped.

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