The Fork In The Road
September 30, 2013

Pay Yourself First

A typical conversation in my office goes like this: “Have you been doing the exercises I gave you?” “Not as much as I should.” “So that means over the past month, you have done them once.” (I figured this out from years of experience.) “No, more than that.” “Twice?”

Then we both laugh. NOT ENOUGH TIME is the biggest excuse people give for not taking care of themselves. We are all busy. Often too busy. The old adage “Pay yourself first” if you want to save money because you will spend it otherwise also applies to time. (Time is money, right?) If you do not make taking care of yourself a priority, your time will be spent (squandered?) on other things.

This applies even more to those who have others depending on them. You will not be able to care care of anyone else, if you don’t take care of yourself. That’s why you are instructed to put on YOUR oxygen mask first in an emergency on an airplane. You cannot take care of your kids if you are unconscious. Likewise, if you are unconscious with regard to your health you are not going to help anyone, including yourself. So, budget the time to prepare healthy meals and to exercise EVERY DAY.

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