StrongPosture® Photos

How To Take Your Posture Photos

  • Find a place to take the photos where you can also retake them in a few weeks to measure progress. Also, take note of camera position and height, the clothes you are wearing, etc. so that you can reproduce the photos with as few variations as possible.
  • Don't wear shoes or loose clothing
  • Stand with your best posture, but don't stand stiffly
  • Have two photos taken, head to toe: One from front or back and one from the side
  • Have the person taking the photos do so while sitting so they will be taken straight on rather than from an angle.
  • The person taking the photos should find a horizontal and/or vertical point of reference like a baseboard or door frame in the background so that the photo is as level as possible.

Where To Send Your Posture Photos

Email your photos to with "POSTURE PHOTOS" on the message line
Dr. Galzarano will analyse your posture by superimposing a grid and drawing "gravity lines" to show you how your body is balancing itself. He will return the analyzed photos to you with an explanation of your strengths and weaknesses. If you wish, you can speak with the doctor with any questions or concerns. This service is provided to you as a courtesy and is free of charge.