Work Related Injuries


If you were injured on the job, you need to first bring it to your employer's attention. For whatever reason, people can be reluctant to do that. Than can be a BIG mistake. Sometimes what seems like a minor injury can reveal itself as something more debilitating over time. If you wait too long, you will be passing up benefits to which you are entitled by law. Instead, you will be subject to the deductible and co-payments of your medical insurance. If the injury causes you to miss work, you will not be paid. If you miss too much work, you could be fired. So protect yourself AND your employer by reporting any work-related injury immediately.

If you suffer a musculoskeletal injury, especially to the back or neck, see a chiropractor immediately. If your employer has followed the law regarding posting a list of at least 5 doctors to be seen in case of a worker related injury, Pennsylvania law states that you must see one of those doctors for up to 90 days after the injury. If there is a chiropractor on the list, you must see him or her. If there is no chiropractor on the list, you can see any chiropractor you wish. (This has been established by case law.)

There are many studies that PROVE that chiropractic care will get you out of pain and back on the job much more quickly than going the strictly medical route. Dr. Galzarano is very knowledgeable in treating these injuries so that you will not only get out of pain and back to work more quickly, but also have the underlying injury heal more completely and be less likely to have residual problems..